Snow Plowing FAQ

What is the Snow Plowing Hotline?


The Snow Plowing Hotline and are initiatives of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 500, which is the union that represents Winnipeg's city workers.

This hotline is established to collect feedback and stories from the public about your experiences with private snow clearing in your community. It is toll free, and feedback will be used to inform the Public Works Department as they develop a report on snow clearing to Council.

Why should I share my story?


We need the public's feedback!

On February 10th the City of Winnipeg Public Works Committee tasked the Public Works Department to review the city's snow clearing services, with a particular focus on comparing public vs. private snow clearing. Currently 80% of Winnipeg's snow clearing has been farmed out to private contractors.

We know that when public services are contracted out, the quality of that service is reduced.

We want the public to share their stories about how snow clearing in Winnipeg has affected their lives: from property damage to poor clearing, we want to hear from you!
We will collect these stories from Winnipeggers, and share them with the Public Works Department to help inform their review. We want to make sure that your voice is included!

Where will my story go?


Your story will be compiled by CUPE into a report that will be shared with the Public Works Department.

We hope that this information will help the Public Works department as they develop their own report that compares public and private snow clearing in Winnipeg.

Your story will help the City understand that Winnipeggers deserve a top quality snow clearing service in our city.

After all, Winnipeg is a winter city!

*Note that your name will not be associated to any comments you make without your express permission.

Is this hotline a City initiative?


No. The Snow Clearing Hotline and are initiatives of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 500 (we are the union that represents Winnipeg's city workers).

We hope to be able to compile citizens' stories about their experiences with Winnipeg's contracted-out snow clearing to help inform city hall and ensure that your voice is heard!

We strongly encourage you to share your story with us, and to also call 311 to register any official complaints you may have about the City's snow clearing.

Why is Public Plowing better?


We believe that snow plowing is a core service for Winnipeggers. This means that snow plowing should be in full control of the city, and therefore accountable to you, the taxpayer.

Approximately 80% of Winnipeg's snow clearing is contracted out to private companies. This means you pay higher costs for lower quality service. Sometimes we've heard that private snow clearing companies will plow surface parking lots for big box retail stores before they plow your front street. Its this kind of story we hope to hear from you!

Private contracts are also not necessarily cheaper. The reality is that each contractor factors the costs of staff, equipment and depreciation into the contracts with the city in addition to the profits they seek to make.

Through your stories, we hope to inform the city that Winnipeggers care about the quality of their snow clearing.

Help us bring snow clearing back in-house.